(the dog tape)

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“On ‘Santa Cruz,’ he pines for some form of home and comfort that he used to know from when he lived in LA… Shishkin supports his wanderings with beautiful, impeccably arranged bedroom pop, diminutive and warm in its insecurities.” – James Rettig, Stereogum


“Alexei Shishkin’s music exudes the kind of slacker vibes that only places like Los Angeles can help cultivate. … [“Goodbye Chile”] is as catchy as it is mellow. This album is going to sound perfect on tape.” – Tim Thompson, PORTALS


“Shishkin’s debut single is a supremely-crafted piece of understated pop, replete with lazy syncopated drums, hollowed-out guitar chords, and a droning baritone skilled at both hesitant concessions and heart-felt confessionals.” – Sam Clark, Dimestore Saints


“Приятная неторопливая мелодия с неспешными ударными, вкрадчивой гитарой и мерным вокалом…” – Мика Бондарик, RWN


“It took a second for the song to sink in, but once it got there, I couldn’t stop playing it… Shishkin has somewhat of a spoken word delivery, but it’s got a smooth touch that really warms to the listeners ears.” – Nathan Lankford, Austin Town Hall


“People tend to overuse the word ‘beautiful’ and, sure, you can find the beauty in almost anything if you try hard enough but this cassette right here is a work of pure beauty.” – Joshua Macala, Raised By Gypsies

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