Yucca Street


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Praise for the title track — “Yucca Street”: 

“Shishkin’s compositions are always unassuming, but they’re never inessential.” – James Rettig, Stereogum

“[‘Yucca Street’] ignites those nostalgic sentiments… of both cherished and painful memories displayed galore.” – Sjimon Gompers, Impose

“[‘Yucca Street’] calls to mind the subtler side of ‘90s DIY indie rock, but also bears Shishkin’s own dazed and drowsy stamp.” – Under The Radar

“If at some point today you need a few minutes to yourself to just look out the window and let your mind drift, I suggest you play this new single from Alexei Shishkin as you do it.” – Nathan Lankford, Austin Town Hall

“Wanderlust comes crashing back to reality on the opening line of Alexei Shishkin’s new single, ‘Yucca Street,’ the title track of his forthcoming sophomore album.” – Sam Clark, Dimestore Saints

Shishkin singt schüchtern, zurückhaltend, betäubt. ‘Yucca Street’ ist der Anfang einer in dich eindringenden, sehr intimen Melancholie.” – I Can Guarantee

“It’s a song where realisations and limitations combine to create a sense of positivity; somehow you come out of it feeling uplifted, but not really knowing why.” – Notes On Sounds


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